About Us

Go And Drive provides all of the skills and resources that you need to become a legal, responsible motorist. As part of our mission, we focus on teaching in accessible ways and making driver education more convenient for those in the Phoenix area.

We embrace modern technology to deliver superior driver training services. At the same time, however, our classes and programs are grounded in time-honored experience. With more than 25 combined years of teaching expertise, our founders are well-versed in what it takes to provide better training, services and support to would-be motorists who want to hone their driving skills.

Our team brings a unique approach to coaching by offering practical advice and theoretical insights that help students feel more comfortable about learning to drive. As their lengthy track record demonstrates, these comprehensive methodologies contribute to improved success rates for those seeking learner’s permits and licenses. Our students constantly tell us how pleased they are with our courses, and we’re proud to facilitate a more rewarding learning experience.

What we do?

We make it our mission to offer exciting training programs. By addressing every aspect of the educational experience instead of concentrating solely on a single component, we have created a more streamlined process that reduces costs and time requirements.

Go And Drive does more than just provide necessary behind-the-wheel training and classroom instruction. We also offer Teen Smart™ our own defensive driving class geared toward new drivers to help them stay safe on the road. To help seniors, we provide a selection of in-depth refresher courses designed to help them stay sharp and feel safer.

Our experts also engage in critical support services that get you closer to licensure. Our practice tests and driver manuals make it simple to download critical information and learn at your preferred pace. Our in-person interactive Learner’s Permit classes provide in depth knowledge into the traffic laws in the state of Arizona. Everything we do is geared towards new drivers so that getting on the road doesn’t feel like such an impossible hurdle.

As a State Certified Driving School our courses help you meet various insurer requirements that can help reduce monthly premiums.

From offering online booking to supporting students’ self-study efforts, we do everything in our power to help you approach driver education with a more positive attitude. Call us at 480-802-0000 now to learn more.